Wet Palms Season 1, Episode 4-6 (3-disc box set)

Jet Set Men

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CAST: Jason Adonis, Rod Barry, Brad Benton, Will Clark, Cameron Fox, Kelly Jacobs, Gabriel Knight, Ethan Marc, Gus Mattox, Corbin Michaels, Jason Ridge, Rob Romoni, Jason Sechrest, Jack Shamama, Anthony Shaw, Michael Soldier, Ashton Sorenson, Zak Spears, Bret W

DIRECTOR: Matthew Moore

RELEASE DATE: 8/4/2008

Low Rent... High Drama! America's First XXX Gaytime Drama! In Episode 4 Brady discovers an old bottle of energy supplements while readying Wet Palms for Randall’s arrival - but that isn’t all that has him on edge. JP and Simon plot to reclaim their ancestral home - but at what price? Meanwhile, Lucky’s perfect ass helps him makes leaps and bounds in the Bubble corporation - as a box cover model. Peter Dune questions Tucker’s fidelity. Episode 5 Will Clark checks into Wet Palms, looking for some peace and quiet, but with Brady running around like a madman and interviewing poolboys, it’s a losing battle. Tucker gets a lead on a Jett family scandal from an unlikely source and takes off to investigate. Meanwhile, mysterious information broker Adonis Alexandros calls upon lowly Jett Setter editorial assistant Joey Pole to settle a score with Simon Jett. JP, with some urging from Jason Curious, bribes Todd Marlowe for some information on Lucky Hanson. And in Episode 6 Brady begins losing control as Simon and JP Jett announce a takeover of Wet Palms. Adonis Alexandros’s blackmail scheme puts Joey Pole in a compromising position. Todd Marlowe, spurned by Peter Dune, stalks him while Tucker searches for more dirt on the Jett brothers. The residents of Wet Palms gather after an eviction notice is posted. Randall Jett arrives from Zurich with a surprising announcement.

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