5 Easy Ways To Fuck A Straight Guy / Blu-Ray

Jet Set Men

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CAST: Adam Campbell, Marcus Steele, Vince Ferelli, Cody Carter, Patrick Bateman, Austin Wrigley, Mason Alexander, Dempsey Stearns, Jason Pitt, Ryan Rockford

DIRECTOR: Chris Steele

RELEASE DATE: 9/23/2009

5 EASY WAYS TO FUCK A STRAIGHT GUY features Jet Set Exclusive Adam Campbell in his first starring role. Campbell, a self proclaimed Straight Guy and sophomore in college, has a secret he wants to share with you. What is that secret? It's the fact that while he is straight, there are certainly five easy ways to get him—or any straight guy for that matter—into bed. Featuring Ryan Rockford, Dempsey Stearns and Cody Carter in their first DVD roles and the DVD debut of Patrick Bateman bottoming for Adam Campbell!

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