21 Hump Street

Jet Set Men

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CAST: Bryce Star, Doug Acre, Jason Goodman, Kris Jamieson, Riley Price, Robert Axel, Ron Jeremy, Steve Stiffer

DIRECTOR: Chris Steele

RELEASE DATE: 7/23/2012

Jet Set Men presents a new Gay XXX Parody starring Mega Star Riley Price and newcomer Jason Goodman delivering incredible lead performances as two undercover cops posed to infiltrate a local high school. Along the way the pair of muscle bound sleuths accidentally trip on a new drug called "HFS" aka "Horny Fucking Shit" after scoring it off the local hunky drug dealer, Kris Jamison. Legendary XXX Porn Star, Ron Jeremy, makes a rare gay porn appearance offering advice to the duo before hard dicks break out and Goodman unleashes a pounding on Price in the boys room. Hung Chief, Steve Stiffer, and ripped bodied Captain, Robert Axel, are also players in the game of trying to uncover who is supplying Jamison's "HFS". Chief Stiffer shows off his abilities to suck his own cock during an investigation with Doug Acre, a cute young student who has reached the final phase of "HFS" known as The Homo-Blast, a wild phase that induces intense cock cravings. Price and Goodman hit the high school prom where they run across another legs up situation that leads to Coach Bryce Star being taken down to the "21 Hump Street" HQ for some deep undercover investigation.

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