Warehouse of Sex

Jet Set Men

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CAST: Jason Adonis, Jake Rodgers, Jon Spartan, Curt Baldwin, Danny Rhymes, Derec Lang

DIRECTOR: Sean Raines

RELEASE DATE: 6/4/2002

This warehouse only hires the HOTTEST studs to work! They don't get much work done, but they sure have a good time! And they move a lot of product! Check out new Jet Set exclusive Jason Adonis--22yr old 6'3'' 195, and 8'' cut club. What a hottie--and oh--that tongue. Grrr... Let a hot group of guys loose on each other and you've got the perfect recipe for hot sex. And there's something about a warehouse that's dirty, nasty and wrong - like it could happen to me on the job... Jason Adonis is in perfect form with Jake Rodgers and an all-star muscle-bound cast - just what you love about Jet Set Men. Danger - this film has a huge quantity of ripped muscle and hard cock.

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