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CAST: beau hopkins, donnie russo, j.t. easton

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 8/23/2011

One of the few triple feature TIGHTROPES, number 26 delivers three totally unique body beautifuls tied up and worked over in three individual sessions. Feature One: One of Toronto's most beautiful men Beau Hopkins...205 pounds of primed pumped power hunk perfection...suffers six salacious bondage positions and blows his wad for you. Feature Two: Ab freaks will lose control over lean and muscular bondage boy J. T. Easton. Crunching out 500 sit-ups a day, J. T. punches his own six pack til he cums. Feature Three: Porn legend and beefcake exhibitionist Donny Russo gets tied up in white tank top and briefs, rip-stripped, and gets his massive pecs and greedy nipples punched, pounded, clamped, and flogged. All three muscle hunks... Hopkins, Easton, and Russo suffer multiple bondage positions and muscle punishment at the hands of Daddy Zeus. Cum shots!

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