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CAST: Stutz Von Ryker, Guy DuRoche, Peter Case

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 5/15/2007

Double Feature. "Deep Holes" Both Stutz Von Ryker and Guy DuRoche have appeared in other Zeus videos, but not together until Zeusman Two. And when you put these two anal receptive European bodybuilders and a sling together, you get two reciprocal asshole assaults on two of the hottest bodies the continent has to offer. MULTIPLE deep, probing, give-and-take musclemen penetration action that will make your cock bark and drool, or make you wish it was your hole spread out, hosed out, and anal invaded. Feature Two: "Nipplecum" A solo nipple action adventure starring Peter "Headlights" Case and his world class, world famous throb knobs getting tied up, clamped, heavily weighted, and worked to the radical satisfaction of every nipple Top and nipple bottom out there. Zeus couldn't make Peter's nipples cum, but his cock certainly does. "Deep Holes," and "Nipplecum" are on the same video.

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