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CAST: brian dawson, jake drummond, wolff

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 1/14/2013

Double Feature: Since both incredibly hot Euro boy bondage bottoms in TOURIST TRAP were actually tourists in the States when Zeus shot them, and they were both trapped and tortured for their shoots. We figured TOURIST TRAP was a fitting title. We gave German hardbody Wolf to the incredible Jake Drummond; and the Belgian born Dane Tarson to master top Brian Dawson. Both Jake and Brian are former Zeus models of the Year, and Wolf and Dane are easily two of the hottest take-it-all bondage bottoms you'll ever see. Since both boys are gagged most of the time, you don't hear much of their fractured English. but they both grunt, groan, scream, and cum in a language your cocks will understand immediately. Multiple bondage positions, brutal no-bullshit SM action, multiple cum shots....and four jack-off hot men working hard and suffering seriously for your wads.

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