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CAST: john hare, trenton comeaux

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 1/15/2009

Double Feature: Not often enough, a model comes along that you know at first glance is going to become a Zeus Studio legend and customer favorite. TR-21 is Trenton Comeaux's Zeus and video industry debut. A killer good looking muscle bondage bottom and then lover of Serge Carravagio, Trenton asked us to shoot his fantasy: A new-age adventure hero captured by road warrior outlaws and sold into S/M slavery. In road warrior gear, Trenton endures multiple bondage positions and very tough SM including punching, flogging, and endurance punishment. A Zeus classic. Feature two's ("Officer") John Hare is back for a solo brutalization harder than he took in Punishment Two. Stripped and bound, John takes a bare cock flogging that defies credibility. The longer and harder his cock is flogged, the longer and harder his cock becomes. Difficult painful bondage and amazing SM action!

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