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CAST: les stine

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 1/6/2014

Porno Boys in Bondage Double Feature. Popular porn boys of their day have always been favorite bondage bottoms for Zeus customers who get off on watching vanilla video "actors" get tied up, worked over and used hard. After 30 videos of not getting his world famous abs punched and pounded, early Falcon star Rapallo surprised us by being able to take a hard beating and enjoy it. Rapallo's clean, lean, cut and shredded body beautiful and talent for suffering will make your dick as hard as his abs. Feature two stars hairy chested muscle hunk Les Stine. With 35 videos to his credit before his Zeus debut, Les' golden furry ass, green eyes, and humpy hairy hard body had been the choice of many customer requests. Stripped, stretched, split-spread, butt buggered, tit clamped, balls bound, face slapped, gagged, hooded, punched, pounded, spanked, cropped, flogged, and manhandled....Les takes it all.

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