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CAST: buster mackey

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 4/1/2014

Bodybuilders in Bondage Double Feature: If big muscle beefcake in bondage makes your dick hard, Brutus (one of Drummer Magazine's early icons), and Buster Mackey in solo muscle bondage sessions is type casting at it's beefiest. Usually cast and photograhped as a Top, body beautiful Brutus bottoms for Zeus and gets tied up in multiple positions, manhandled, body punched, flogged, and jacks off. Brutus has a big mouth and a big ego. You'll love watching Mr. Muscles get what he deserves. Session two features blond, crew cut, big rig truck driver Buster Mackey. Ever wanted to tie up and beat up a hot 18 wheeler trucker? Well, the bigger they are, the better to beat, and trucker Buster gets tied up, gagged, collared, hooded, split-spread, beaten and flogged. Bookend bruisers Brutus and Mackey get their muscle-bods bound and beaten real good competing for your long haul loads.

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