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CAST: charley warner, luke bender

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 2/27/2013

Double Feature: Not knowing it at the time of this shoot, this was unofficially Zeus' first Punishment Contest video. Porno princes Luke Bender and Charlie Warner had co-starred in a couple of vanilla videos, and a competition had developed between them by the time they learned they were the two solo sessions opposite each other in Tightropes Fifteen. Both Bender and Warner said they could take more punishment than the other....and both asked Daddy Zeus to work "him" harder than the other. So both hotbody bondage boys got stripped and stretched, bound and gagged, blind folded and beaten, fondled and flogged, punched and pounded, grabbed and groped, slapped and spanked, nipple tortured and cock whipped, hung-up, slung-up, worked up, worked on, worked over, and blow their wads. You decided which suffers most.

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