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CAST: david stark, stutz von ryker

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 12/30/2013

Bodybuilders in bondage Double Feature: Stutz Von Ryker from ZEUSMAN TWO is back by popular demand in solo muscle bondage at the sadistic hands of Daddy Zeus. Crotch harnessed in tights, road warrier boots, and a see-thru mesh top.....then stripped bare assed and butt plugged, Von Ryker's gladiator pex, greedy nipples, and washboard abs take a beating before he blasts his considerable load. Sweaty stiff Stutz stuff! Feature Two: David Stark, 200 pounds of sculpted black bodybuilder muscle tied up and worked over....retied and worked over....in lycra shorts, cut off Levis, and finally just high black motorcycle cop boots. David couldn't get enough pex and tit work for you nipple freaks out there. Watch him try unsuccessfully to shake off his tit-struments, then off-load his "thank you" gusher. Stutz & Stark...WOOF!

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