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CAST: eric ryan, mike powers

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 9/29/2011

Double Feature/Session One/Mike Powers. This killer handsome muscle daddy in bondage was a former Marine pilot and actual prisoner of war....who STILL got off on getting tied up and worked over. Mike showed up for this shoot with his own rope and stated "Only guys know how to do this sort of thing right." WOOF! Ex-Lt. Powers delivers your P.O.W. fantasies BIGtime! Session Two/Eric Ryan. Enormously popular video icon Eric Ryan possesses a huge cock, a very hot body, and a tie me up and do your worst attitude that'll make your dick as hard as his. In multiple bondage positions including getting slung-up and split-spread, Eric ("Centurians of Rome") Ryan gets off an abnormally large load from his abnormally large cock for the fans of one of porno's classic early legends. Sculpted pex. Corrugated abs. Huge cock. And spit-in-your-face attitude. Work him over hard! For Eric it's a love/hate thing.

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