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CAST: guy duroche, nick romano

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 11/12/2007

Double Feature/Session One/Nick Romano. At the time of his Zeus Tightropes shoot, Nick was Mr Laguna Beach...a gorgeous, street-wise, rough-around-the-edges Italian bodybuilder heartbreaker. You get Mr Laguna Beach in black hightop cop boots and biker gloves, tied up, stretched out, spread wide, cock and balls cinched tight, and manhandled hard before he's allowed to pump you off his considerable load. Session Two/Guy DuRoche. >From Montreal, this very handsome, beautifully muscled French Canadian tightbody loves getting tied up and worked over.....the harder the better.....salacious bondage, hard nipple work, spanking, very sexy moaning and groaning...AND....Guy DuRoche gives up two Gaulic gushers without being able to touch his own cock. Hooded and gagged, Guy tries to say "Thank You, Sir!" in French. Two uniquely different muscle bondage boys suffer their asses off for you in TR-12.

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