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CAST: bobby vega, michael white

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 5/21/2007

Double Feature starring uncut fresh-out-of-the-Marines Mike White; and uncut mucho macho Latino muscleboy Bobby Vega who fulfill ALL customer requests for "Leather Boys in Bondage." The concensus of requests were for "uncut and trainable," "young, muscular, and masculine," and "hard, pumped, and defined." Trouble is what Mike White caused in the Marines. And trouble is what Mike White gets in Tightropes Eleven. Trading his fatigues for leather, Mike White is a happy ex-Marine for his first time ride in a sling. Bobby Vega possesses one of the hottest bodies you can imagin...and every chizzled muscle has sex with your VCR....legs split-spread wide.....with his massive uncut Mexican meat flopping and oozing in your face before shooting his salsa....viva Vega! Marine grunt Mike White and body beautiful Bobby Vega make Tightropes 11 sizzle!

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