The Hole

Jet Set Men

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CAST: Tag Eriksson, Jason Adonis, Josh Hammer, Derec Lang, Vince Taylor, Sam Tyson, Anthony Holloway, Jeremy Tucker, Trent Atkins, Michael Knight, Kip Bravo, Lorenzo Vargas, Rex Everything, Damon Ivy


RELEASE DATE: 6/4/2003

This is one HOT movie!!!! A mock horror movie based on the popular 2002 hit movie the ring. The story centers around a mysterious videotape. When the time is up, even the most All- American jock becomes gay. The story follows a reporter, Benny Benson, who is investigating the tape to find the source of its mysterious power. The Hole is directed by award-winning Wash West and is Jet Set’s most ambitious and expensive movie to date. This two hour feature has six separate sex scenes with a superbly written script by Wash West bringing it all together. Winner of five 2004 GayVN Awards, including Best Video of the Year, Best Director (Wash West), Best Overall Marketing Campaign, Best Editing, and Best Solo Performance (Tag Eriksson) 3 REASONS TO BUY THIS FILM * It's visionary director Wash West's best to date. * Spoofs normally annoy the shit out of us; this one rocked. * Original, wildly entertaining, and scorchingly hot. A home run for Jet Set.

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