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CAST: Brady Holt, Joey D'Falco, Max Grand

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 10/10/2013

Double Feature: (1) Killer hot fuck buddies Max Grand and Joey D'Falco flip a coin to decide who gets to tie up and fuck who. With D'Falco's world class cock, and Grand's world class ass...we're happy to report D'Falco tells Grand "Tails You Lose." Grand gets stripped, groped, tied up, slapped, bit, chewed, and beat up. D'Falco then throws Grand in a sling, spreads his legs, and pounds a merciless fuck into Max's stretched-to-his-limits ass hole. Two very hot men, sexy rough bondage action, a hard fuck, and cum shots. (2) "Beefboy" Brady Holt: 24 year old San Francisco power lifter, 205 lbs, 48" chest, 34" waist, 27" thighs, 19" calves, 18" arms, blond, blue eyes...a 5' 5" slab of beefcake...all stuffed into neck-to-calf light blue latex, beaten, flogged, re-geared, re-tied, and shoots his load for those of you who have been heard to ask..."where's the beef?"

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