Straight Edge 8

Jet Set Men

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CAST: Brenden Cage, Landon Mycles, Dylan Roberts, Chad Clovis, Beaux Banner, Kevin Cavalli, Rod Daily, Chad Manning, Rusty Stevens, James Gates, Cameron Steele


RELEASE DATE: 2/9/2010

Jet Set’s STRAIGHT EDGE VOL. 8 continues the on-going series of fuck and suck gay encounters between hot guys, with no reference as to whether they might prefer straight, bi or gay sex in their day-to-day lives. The eleven men in the seven scenes are all horny, hung and ready to have gay sex to get off, undoubtedly hoping their viewers get off as well. They suck cock and ass so eagerly you can almost taste it and fuck so hard you can practically feel it. Jet Set favorites Landon Mycles, Chad Manning, James Gates, Rod Daily and Kevin Cavalli join Beaux Banner, Chad Clovis, Rusty Stevens, Dylan Roberts, Brenden Cage and Cameron Steele taking their turns in this cumfest.

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