Straight Edge 2

Jet Set Men

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CAST: David Taylor, Chad Clovis, Derrek Diamond, Rod Daily, Patrick Bateman, Ryan Rockford, Leed Scott, Jeremy Lange, Jarod Michaels, Lucas Knowles, Cody Carter, Mason Alexander

DIRECTOR: Chad Donovan, Ross Cannon

RELEASE DATE: 12/5/2009

The great thing about adult DVDs is that “sex” is always there on a disc waiting to inspire you, whenever you’re in the mood. Just pop it in and pop it off. The scenes in STRAIGHT EDGE VOLUME TWO take that casual, spur-of-the-moment approach. Like its predecessor STRAIGHT EDGE VOLUME ONE, it is a collection of seven sex scenes - duos and solos - from some very hot and horny men. Many of the cast have also appeared in Jet Set Men’s recent features.

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