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CAST: brian dawson, devon rexman, jeff burnam, marky dukane, trenton comeaux

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 7/19/2004

Regarded by many and reviewed over and over as "One of the best SM videos ever made," STEEL DUNGEON TWO stars Zeus Models of the Year Brian Dawson, Trenton Comeaux, and muscle machine Marky Dukane (1989, 1992 and 1993 respectively), plus Devon Rexman, and Jeff Burnam. Shot entirely on location in a vast working steel mill, sadistic mill boss Brian Dawson puts his sweaty, grimy, steel mill slaves thru four of the hottest, most intense SM sessions ever caught on video. Using the steel mill's gigantic machinery and overhead moving cranes, STEEL DUNGEON TWO provides the ultimate masculine background for the B&D agonies of steel mill slaves Comeaux, Rexman, and Dukane. A four-way latrine floor jack-off orgy , eight cum shots, starring three Zeusmen of the Year...all captured by three cameras... definitely make STEEL DUNGEON TWO "One of the best SM videos ever made."

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