Jet Set Men

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CAST: Kris Jamieson, Joe Clark, Brett Summers, Chase Young, Hayden Richards, Kyle Quinn, Mike DeMarko, Zachary Perry

DIRECTOR: Chris Steele

RELEASE DATE: 6/1/2017

Sleepers introducing new Jet Men Exclusive Brett Summers with Exclusives Kris Jamieson and Zachary Perry. Sleepers is a very stylized movie that showcases the classic fantasy that so many guys have of secretly blowing your buddy while he sleeps. If you make through the first seduction without blowing your load while sexy blond Jet Set Men Exclusive Brett Summers seduces his hung bed buddy Hayden Richards then you'll be treated to seeing what happens when Hayden wakes up while Brett is blowing him. This true fantasy film takes its time giving you the titillating gay porn set-up you secretly desire.
Starring Three Jet Set Men Exclusives, Zachary Perry, Kris Jamieson and Brett Summers with Hayden Richards, Mike DeMarko, Joe Clark, Chase Young and Kyle Quinn. *SLEEPERS is listed at NIGHTTIME on PPV and VOD.

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