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CAST: aaron austin, dane tarson, jake drummond, logan paul

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 1/19/2010

Double Feature: The first of four very successful SEX WRESTLING videos, Zeus"sex wrestling" features hot muscular men getting off on each other in sweaty rough sexual wrestling action. Throw in some bondage, rip stripping, dirty below the belt pain and suffering, muscles in agony, cock sucking, butt fucking, and multiple cum shots....and you've got SEX WRESTLING you're NOT gonna see on TV. Bodybuilder Aaron Austin and hotbody heart-breaker Logan Paul beat each other senseless wearing leather and rubber before Arron has his way with boytoy Logan. Nobody hotter Jake Drummond makes killer hot Dane Tarson suffer long and hard before he fucks him long and hard. If getting naked and sweaty mauling or getting mauled by a muscleman in a looser-gets-fucked scene turns you will SEX WRESTLING ONE.

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