Jet Set Men

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CAST: Rod Daily, Cayden Banks, Vince Ferelli, David Taylor, Kash Satal, T.C., Mason Ross, Lucas Knowles, Austin Wrigley, Shane Frost, Tyler Marks

DIRECTOR: Chris Steele

RELEASE DATE: 3/13/2009

Everyone is in it for themselves in Chris Steele’s film about a prison gone bad! Whether you’re incarcerated or simply working in a prison, you stand a good chance of getting it in the end - SCREWED. Or so the new Chris Steele Film from Jet Set Men strongly suggests. There are 11 extremely hot guys on both sides of the Fontana facility fence - ready, willing and eager to get it on with each other. Five scenes – 2 sizzling threesomes and 3 sexy duos - go down as this tale of prison lust unfolds. Marina Pacific distributes.

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