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CAST: joshua scott, robert black

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 4/7/2008

Bottom To Top again stars the amazingly hot Robert Black this time paired with the hairy chested hunk; Joshua Scott.

In the first scene these two smoldering studs roll around on the mat in their tighty-whities struggling to get on top of each other. The “whities” get ripped off as they make out, dry hump, eat each other’s asses and suck each other’s huge cocks!

In scene two, Joshua is in a sling with his hands tied beneath him ready for Robert Black’s torture and play. Robert enters in leather gauntlets and a leather jock and sucks and fucks the hell outta Joshua. Robert then cums on Joshua’s rock hard abs and licks it off!

Scene three features Joshua strapped to a chair and again Robert has his way with him! Robert licks and sucks Joshua from bottom to top! They then suck each other till they come again!

The final scene for all of Robert’s true fans shows him hanging nude from the ceiling with a spreader between his wrists and one between his ankles. Robert struggles and hangs there sweating and writhing. He even lifts his feet over his head in an attempt to ease the pain in his arms. Watching Robert Black get nasty and get off with Joshua Scott then struggle in his own restraints will have you wet and writhing and begging for more!

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