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CAST: grant king, matt gunther

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 1/2/2013

One of Falcon's early porn star sensations was Matt Gunther, who never got tied up and worked over by Falcon. When Matt contracted to work for Zeus, he asked if he could provide his own Top (and current boyfriend) for the shoot. To our pleasure, Matt's top turned out to be English SM master Grant King. MUSCLE BOUND MEN TWO starts out with both Matt and Grant tied up, but the video ends up with Grant doing what he did best....and that was to punish the incredibly sexy and now video legend Matt Gunther. In this video's most vivid and unbelievable scene, Matt is tied back against cell bars while Grant dirty talks and literally chest flogs Matt to climax. Matt takes this amazing flogging without even blinking....concentrating soley on his about to explode cock. After forcing Matt to shoot, Grant head straddles his spent bottom and blows his own load the Queen should surely have knighted him for.

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