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CAST: blade weston, jake drummond, rob cryston

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 5/6/2004

DOUBLE FEATURE! Zeus discovery Jake Drummond's popularity exploded with his first video THE PRIZE...but his new fans soon asked for this: JAKE DRUMMOND SUBMITS. Jake rocks with his killer good looks and beefcake body tied up and worked over. Heavy-duty top General DeSade punishes ex-Marine Jake to the edge of his endurance with flogging, hot wax, a multiple clothes pin "zipper," nipple work, and much more. It all ends with Jake's eye-contact jack-off that will blow your will power AND your wad! In NIPPLE NIGHTMARE, muscle-hunk Rob Cryston takes muscle masochist Blade Weston's nipples to hell and back with clamps, weights, chewing, stretching, and flogging. Weston is body bagged, hooded, gagged, beaten, spreadeagled, sucked off, and man-mauled by bondage pro Rob Cryston. Guaranteed to satisfy!

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