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CAST: bryce pierce, Cullen Cable, Tober Brandt

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 1/27/2009

#5 in the hard-hitting, hardcore Brute Force BDSM seriesfrom Zeus/Can-am co-productions. Coaxed out of "retirement"to direct HONORABLE ENDURANCE, Daddy Zeus hasgotten a lot meaner than he was earlier in Zeus Studios'35 year history. Starring the truly amazing Tober Brandtas the musclular "You'll never break me." career POWChester Armstrong; and Zeus Studios'most popular top as "General Mick Kelly" who's tarnishedcareer depends on breaking Marine grunt POW Armstrong. The pain level of Tober's endurance is trulyhonorable. And just as muscular. Just has hot. Just as hardcore, HONOERABLE ENDURANCE also stars former ZeusMan of the Year Bryce Pierce, and muscleboy POW Cullen Cable.This BDSM commando sex adventure is not for pansies or prudes.HONORABLE ENDURACE hits hard below the belt, in the gut,and up the ass. Remember, this is #5 of this commando series. Collectall five (1) BRUTE FORCE, (2) EXPECT NO MERCY,(3) SOLDIERS OF MISFORTUNE, (4) MILITARY INQUISITION,and (5) HONORABLE DISCHARGE. These five signatureBDSM actioners may well be the last videos Daddy Zeus willdirect. If so, this five video series will be the hottest and hardestvideos he ever made. Oh...does General Kelly break MarinePOW Chester Armstrong? You know you won't be disappointed.

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