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CAST: kevin hayden, marky dukane, rob cryston, trenton comeaux

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 12/23/2013

This is the third video Zeus has shot on location in cities with an Eagle bar. Muscular L.A. Eagle barboy Robbie Cryston gets hit on, roughed up, worked over, caged and mauled by leatherhunk bartenders Trenton Comeaux and Marky Dukane. After the bar closes and in the middle of their fun, Robbie's "Dad" Kevin Hayden arrives to pick up his boy. Together Daddy and boy surprisingly turn the tables on Comeaux and Dukane and dish out some heavy duty payback to the two muscular bartenders. Stripped and spreadeagled against cell bars, Comeaux and Dukane both get gagged, brutalized, and flogged simultaneously by Robbie and Hayden...all four ending up in a pool table cum fest. Feature Two: Muscleboy Robbie Cryston endures a full blown solo SM session at the hands of Daddy Zeus. This is Cryston's toughest B&D action meatbeater.

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