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CAST: adam fury, joey d`falco, scott answer, trevor bowman

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 1/6/2014

DOUBLE FEATURE! Story One: New York street stud Joey D'Falco brutally tops and manhandles Huntington Beach golden boy Trevor Bowman. Stroy Two: Ft Lauderdale superstar Scott Answer works over San Francisco bondage boy Adam Fury. BRUTAL PASSION is a scorcher. The animal passion and sexual chemistry between D'Falco and Bowman, and Answer and Fury is the hottest, sexiest, steamiest interaction between tops and bottoms you're likely to see in a rough play SM, B&D actioner. When D'Falco beats, chews, and sucks every inch of Bowman's sweaty, stretch-eagled body....and Answer takes Fury into his shower to soap-sex-sooth his battered body, you're in for two of the hottest cum-shot splattered, multiple bondage position sessions you'll find on tape For physically tough bondage action and passionately raw top/bottom sexuality...D'Falco and Bowman, and Answer and Fury will wear you out and drain you dry.

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