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CAST: jake drummond, jeff austin, kurt manning, peter bishop

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 10/12/2005

Double Feature: At 220 pounds of muscle, Philadelphia's Kurt Manning works over cute little lookalike-boytoys Peter Bishop and Jeff Austin in MUSCLEDADDY'S BOYTOYS. Bondage boys Peter and Jeff get sucked, slapped, chewed, pounded, cropped, retied, spreadeagled, spanked, yanked, groped, tit-clamped, flogged, and jacked off. Four cum shots. Feature Two: JAKE DRUMMOND'S AUDITION is easily one of the most popular solo sessions Zeus has ever produced. Magnificent, hairy chested, killer good looking, muscle-hunk Jake Drummond bottoms for Daddy Zeus in a multiple bondage position series of punishments that will blow your mind and drain you dry. Then action-aroused, Jake spreads his muscled majesty out in front of a huge mirror and pumps off an extremely intimate cum shot just for you.

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