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CAST: brian hansen, dillon tate, russ johannsen, scott answer

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 1/3/2014

With the huge success of EAGLE OF FT LAUDERDALE (One), Zeus went back to South Florida to shoot this sequel beefing up the cast by adding FTL EAGLE ONE cast member Russ Johannsen's real life lover Dillon Tate. FTL EAGLE TWO returns and stars Zeus superstar Scott Answer, Russ Johannsen, and boytoy Brian Hansen, plus Dillon Tate. FTL EAGLE TWO combines the hottest action and cum shots from FTL EAGLE ONE with all new bondage scenes and cum shots filmed entirely on location in Ft Lauderdale's once infamous Eagle bar. In FTL EAGLE TWO Scott Answer and Dillon Tate gang up on Brian Hansen and Russ Johannsen. Then both Tops work over their bottoms individually and consumately. With reedited scenes from FTL EAGLE ONE and all new action and cum shots from FTL EAGLE TWO....you get double your money's worth.

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