Red Moon / Close-Up Men

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CAST: danny chance, jan klasovity, michael vista, shahan, todd shore, tommy hawk

DIRECTOR: Steven Walker

RELEASE DATE: 11/11/2001

In this video the reverend is doing a good work. He's making sure these irreverent, big mouth, wild young men are reformed!

As the scene opens we find out that these studs are moving the Reverend's house. In the beginning the movers don't know that the Reverend is a task master. He's put Shahan in charge who tries to keep the guys in line but while he's reprimanding a big mouth twink at one end of the house the guys in the kitchen are getting it on with each other. He asks, "Who started this?" When all fingers point to Czech stud Jan he tells the guys to get out of the kitchen while he gives it to Jan. This big beefy stud really whacks Jan's ass. That's what you get for getting your dick sucked without asking.

In spite of the obvious difference in size the defiant twink keeps talking back to Shahan. After a hard spanking he's thrown into the shower with his clothes on. Then he's made to strip, after which Shahan marches him into the living room where he stands him on a chair naked for everyone to ridicule. Shahan has got a big mouth young man and three guys that can't keep their hands and mouths off of each other's dicks. Just when it seems like he might loose control over the situation, the Reverend walks in the door. All eyes move to him as he incredulously asks what's going on. He quickly figures it out and decides he needs his robe. He and Shahan leave for a few minutes when to everyone's surprise they come back into the room, Shahan completely naked (and ohhh what a beautiful body) and what is under the Reverends robe, we're not quite sure.

The sparks fly and these guys find out that the Reverend means business. He teaches them what the meaning of a red butt really is. After which there is some great ass play, lots of sucking, ass eating, and wild fucking that won't quit. One scene going on in the bedroom and a wild orgy in the living room.

The young men find out it's very important to listen to the Reverend and do as he says.

(A preview of I'LL GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO CRY ABOUT included!)

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