Red Moon / Close-Up Men

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CAST: eric evans, jake flash, kyle richards, mark shau, michael brandon, michael vista

DIRECTOR: Steven Walker

RELEASE DATE: 11/11/2001

In his arousing new video, Nick Jordan has put together in this sequel to DON'T TEASE ME, three vignettes that will leave you knowing...when you tease you get a red hot ass!

The spankings are given by three guys that don't take the bullshit of a prick tease!

Hunky stud Eric Evans is out for a jog when he passes a man in uniform. He's immediately attracted but plays hard to get. After the second day the guard knows he's being teased and doesn't like it. So when the third day roles around the guard invites Eric in to show him what goes on inside the studio. Eric doesn't know what's in store for him but deserves every bit of what he gets. There's great chemistry between hairy Eric and the smooth, uncut, huge dicked guard. Eric gets a bright red ass and all through the scene he's tormented by cigar smoke from the guard.

A young Asian man visits the doctor's office. When he meets the doc his fantasy is to play games. He flaunts and flirts but when it comes time to give doctor a taste of his smooth Asian body he decides that he's got to leave. Infuriateds, doc says "NO WAY" puts on a rubber glove and starts with an anal exam. Before long, Dr. Fingers is spanking the hell out of his firm round ass. This young, beautifully built stud is afraid and surprised by the physician's sudden aggression. Doc doesn't let up on him 'til he's spanked, fingered and fucked in his ass and his mouth.

Handyman Mike shows up to work at the church in overalls with nothing on underneath. Minister Michael has dealt with prick teasers before. As he goes to his altar to make sure everything is in its plac, he looks up in the mirror to see Mike playing with himself! As he turns around Mike is quickly back to work. ...uhmmmm! When the Minister walks out of the room it's just too much temptation for Mike to not touch the altar and try on his vestments. Mike doesn't realize he's being watched and for this indiscretion and his being a major prick tease he's is punished severely with a hard ass spanking, hot wax and a hard fucking that looks like a horse being ridden, complete with a bit (the Minister's stole) through the mouth. It all starts with the ritual of the lighting of the candles and the Minister is his robe. What the minister reveals under his robe is beyond belief.

Each scene gives you red butts, and guys that learn to do what their superiors tell them. Lots of sucking, rimming, fucking and loads of cum in each scene. When it's all over you'll see why they'll never tease again!

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