Red Moon / Close-Up Men

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CAST: clark westfield, jack sanders, michael brandon, rex philips, scott mann, steve tuck

DIRECTOR: Steven Walker

RELEASE DATE: 11/11/2001

In this sensational new video, Nick Jordan has put together three red hot spanking vignettes that will leave you knowing completely, to never tease anyone again! What you get for teasing is a butt on fire. The spankings are given by three guys that don't take the bullshit of a prick tease!

A cocky new delivery man eggs on a seven foot Warehouse Man. He thinks he can get away with his mind fuck, but this great big guy nabs him, ties him, throws him on a work table and spanks his little fanny until it's bright red. There's no way he's gonna get away from this overpowering giant.

When a new patient comes to see the Doctor he has it in his mind to Jack-off on the Doctor's examining table. The Doctor catches him and wants to help him with his "ache" but this fucking little teaser changes his mind and wants to leave. The Doctor says "NO," puts on a rubber glove and begins to warm up his ass. Before long the Doctor is taking his anal temperature. This young stud is afraid and surprised by the Doctor's sudden aggression. This is just the beginning for this patient's treatment.

The Music Director has been playing with himself in front of the Minister for weeks and the Minister is sick and tired of it, and teaches this cock teaser a lesson he'll never forget. He starts his punishment with a wooden clothes brush and doesn't finish until he's been spanked with brush, hand and belt. This guy gets it so hard his ass isn�t only red it's got welts on it. What the minister reveals under his robe is beyond belief. Everything comes to a hot climax in a stunningly erotic ritual.

Each scene gives you red butts, and guys that learn to do what their superiors tell them. Lots of sucking, rimming, fucking and loads of cum in each scene. When it's all over you'll see why they'll never tease again!

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