Wrestled Bound And Banged

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Jimmy Dean, Kyler Waters, Jace Hunter, Scott Tucker

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 5/29/2008

Jimmy Dean’s always finding the bad boys who like to play rough! Big-dicked Boarder Thugz self-sucker, Kyle Waters, is back with the debuts of Jace Hunter and Scott Tucker. Jace is a bondage top with a cage. One by one they answer his personal ad and take his wrestling challenge. If they lose, it’s tie up time in the cage where they wait to “serve”. Hairy chested scrapper, Scott Tucker, is first. He puts up a good fight, but Jace ultimately has him bound and helpless. Kyle Waters comes next, sees Scott, and is that much more into the challenge. And while we’re sure many have submitted merely at the sight of Kyle’s mouth watering cock, Jace has bigger ideas. With two captives, there is one last knock at the door - Jimmy Dean. Of course no one matches Jimmy for attitude and wrestling finesse, but even Jimmy succumbs to a sleeper from Jace. With his prey vanquished, it’s play time for Jace - one by one. Scott sucks him and gets fucked. Kyle’s so worked up from watching that, he pops his load as Jace fingers him. And then Jace’s tongue dives into Jimmy’s ass in preparation for a fuck. But Jimmy turns the tables and fucks Jace hard and fast and puts him away wet in his own cage. Freeing the others, he enjoys Scott pounding Kyle’s ass. With cum shots all around, they leave Jace locked up. Order up this three match, three fuck stunner

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