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CAST: Achilles, Flex Styles, Max K

DIRECTOR: Cameron Mathews

RELEASE DATE: 3/1/2024

Introducing "2 On 1 Beatdown... The Ultimate Showdown" video release, featuring a fierce two-on-one battle between Archilles and Flex Styles against the formidable Max K. Watch as the towering bodybuilders clash in a showdown of strength and resilience, with Flex Styles donning a striking yellow Speedo, exuding charisma and power. Max K, sporting a daring red Speedo, faces relentless punishment as he's subjected to a barrage of punishing holds. Tensions escalate as the duo's teamwork proves formidable, culminating in a victorious submission. Brace yourself for an intense display of muscle-bound prowess and strategic domination in this thrilling wrestling spectacle.

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