Wrestle Bait

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Antonio Madiera, David Taylor, Jobe Zander, Kash Fatal, Patrick Bateman, Rod Daily, Rusty Stevens, Tory Mason, Vince Ferelli

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 10/14/2009

Starring the parade of stud hunks Jobe Zander (as the gun crazy sadistic jailer), Cash Fatal (exotic body beautiful), David Taylor (very sexy ink work), Rusty Stevens, Vince Ferelli (major beefcake), Rod Daily ("star" chest tattooes), Patrick Bateman, Antonio Madiera, and Tori Mason.... Executive Producer Boss Sexton could easily have titled this very hot hardcore muscle wrestling actioner "Beefcake Bait."

Co-directed by Boss Sexton and Chad Donovan, "Wrestle Bait" takes place in a forgotten Mohave Desert jail bunker where deranged sadist Jobe Zander brings his captive hunks and forces them to fight for their freedom. Losers get fucked and are forced to stay and fight til they win. Once locked in their cells, the captives are forced at gun point to strip and put on skimpy buldging Speedo type briefs. Note: Every prisoner is jack-off HOT! Stud hunk after stud hunk is brought down into dungeon-like subterranean cells. Then brutish jailer Zander pairs his captives off and "officiates" their fuck fights at gun point on the floor of the bunker`s latrine. Zander bullies and punishes his exhausted prisoners to fight past their limits, then fuck for their freedom.

Gentlemen, Wrestle Bait is packed full of muscle eye candy. Boss Sexton delivers just what you love about Can-Am pro storyline action.... non-stop muscle wrestling, brutal exhibitionism, endelss suffering, amazing musclebutt wedgies, two-on-one punishment, rip stripping, cock sucking, ball bashing, forced fucking, and multiple cumshots. You`ll love this one.

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