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CAST: Mark Wolff, Jimmy Dean,


RELEASE DATE: 12/3/2007

Super hunk Mark Wolff has been battering his opponents for years with his awesome strength. So you might think that wiry Jimmy Dean would be an easy win for Wolff. But think again. Nasty-boy Dean is out to prove that the bigger they are, the harder they fall in this five round pro-ring/oil pit match-up. Continually calling Wolff "boy", Dean keeps egging him on and then felling Wolff with brutal kicks and pec punches. Slung up in the ropes early on, Wolff suffers several good gut punches and knee's to the groin. Round two ends with Wolff in a punishing headlock, and Dean doesn't let go until Wolff calls him "Sir"! But Wolff keeps managing to rebound, flossing Dean's ass crack with his trunks and submitting Dean to some killer holds of his own. Round three ends with Dean in a sleeper before the action moves over to the oil pit. Feeling cocky, Wolff asks Dean if he wants to try again. And Dean leaps right into action proving he's good in a slippery situation. Soon they're both naked, and Dean batters Wolff's balls over and over again with lots of painful squeezes, slaps, and punches. Wolff goes down for the count in a sleeper to end round four. In round five, Wolff clearly is not going to take this humiliation lightly, giving Dean a cock and ball battering, too, as well as punishing Dean with several painful submission holds. But Dean is not out yet and several reversals will leave you wondering who is going to be the best of five victor. And of course you are ultimately the winner when you get to watch each sexy wrestler finish the match by working up their sizable dicks and blowing their sizable loads! Another Boss Sexton sizzler from Can-Am's Toronto studio.

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