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CAST: Brian Maxon, Mark Wolff, Tom Flex,


RELEASE DATE: 11/11/2009

Common knowledge to all Can-Am fans is the bitter rivalry between Boss Sexton`s studio managers.... L.A.`s Brian Maxon, Toronto`s Tom Flex, and Vancouver`s Mark Wolff. So it wasn`t surprising when this testosterone trio collided in Toronto, sparks flew, egos raged, tempers erupted, pain and suffering ruled, and cum shots exploded.
TITANS is a three full match triple feature epic that chronicles Can-Am`s muscle managers` mat fights from start to submission after submission after submission.
MATCH ONE: Tom Flex VS Mark Wolff. Wrestling in skin tight latex... Flex in yellow shorts and top... Wolff in red tights and gunmetal tank top... the battle of the bodies gets down and dirty immediately with Flex extracting the first submission from Wolff with a back breaker camel clutch. With both mega egos now down to rubber shorts and tights sans tops, the 2nd fall goes to Wolff wrench-stretching Flex`s neck with a reverse standing neck breaker. Beautifully bare assed for fall three, Flex punishes Wolff to a match win submission with an over the knee back breaker.
MATCH TWO: Brian Maxon VS Tom Flex. Another latex match this time with Flex in gunmetal tights and Maxon in black shorts and top... Maxon takes the first fall from Flex with a figure four arm breaker. Both in bikinis for fall two.... Maxon in yellow.... Flex in lime green.... Flex humiliates and smacks Maxon`s ass to win with a heels-over-head cradle submission. The bikinis get ripped off in fall three as both men are determined to win the match, but Maxon stubbornly caves in to Flex`s vertical surf board back breaker. If you haven`t worn your dicks out yet.... the best is yet to cum.
MATCH THREE: Mark Wolff & Tom Flex VS Brian Maxon. Starting as a Wolff VS Maxon match in bikinis, Maxon punishes Wolff to a first fall submission with a Boston Crab. Maxon`s teal and Wolff`s pink bikinis disappear in fall two with Wolff rallying to win with a horizontal stretch full nelson. When it appears Maxon will punish Wolff to a match win, Flex surprisingly enters the fray, and the two Canadians go to work on L.A.`s Brian Maxon... double teaming to give him the beating of his life. But a bruised and battered Brian Maxon makes a heroic comeback and defeats Wolff and Flex putting them both out cold with a double choke hold. Amazing! Then all three Can-Am muscle managers deliver TITANS` triple bonus as Brian Maxon, Mark Wolff, and Tom Flex each pump you off personal gushers for a drenched in cum finale that only Boss Sexton can produce.
TITANS is THE definitive MAXON/WOLFF/& FLEX video you`ve all been waiting for.

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