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CAST: Aaron Austin, Jimmy Dean, Rob Cryston,


RELEASE DATE: 9/21/2009

Taking full advantage of the still-to-crest popularity of muscle bondage wrestling, Challenger Video delivers its latest bare assed, ball busting, cock sucking, three cum shot bondage blockbuster "THREE FACES OF PAIN." Starring muscleboy Aaron Austin, studboy Robbie Cryston, bullyboy Jimmy Dean, and stunning camera work by the uncontested sure shot of continuous action videography in the business... Tim Hamilton. Hamilton`s extremely intimate, blatantly sexual camera action ride over, under, and in-between the incredible bodies of stud buddies Austin, Cryston, and Dean will take your breath away and drain you dry.
"THREE FACES OF PAIN" is a consensual, sexual, series of fantasy boys in three different bondage combinations dreamed by the ultimate badboy studslut Jimmy Dean. And wait til you see Austin`s and Cryston`s prolonged agony and ecstasy malevolently administered by the budding sadist. Jimmy Dean (tightly cut, spring loaded muscularity with an astonishing ass) dirty wrestles, rip strips, and uses the ring ropes to tie up Robbie Cryston (killer handsome, beautifully proportioned studboy). A failed rescue Robbie attempt also gets Aaron Austin (competitive bodybuilder with a world class ass) dirty wrestled, rip stripped, and tied up. With both Aaron and Robbie stripped and spread-crotch tied in opposite ring corners, Jimmy Dean takes his time bodybashing his bondage boys with LOTS of the hottest prick tease cock sucking you can imagine.
Note: "THREE FACES OF PAIN" marks Jimmy Dean`s on-video cocksucking debut (a personal favor to Bossman Ron Sexton) and we`re here to tell you he`s as good at cock sucking as he is at muscle mashing. Then Cryston and Dean gang up on Austin, and after a very sexual session of physical restraint positions, cock sucking, ass smacking, bodybashing, cum shooting, muscle bondage action... Austin and Cryston turn the tables on Dean. It`s Jimmy Dean`s turn to get his tightly defined bare assed hotbody stretched out face-up and spreadeagled to the four ring corner posts. Then Austin, Robbie, and Tim Hamilton`s camera take you on a wildly sexual ride over every stretched and straining muscle, and every rockhard inch of Jimmy Dean`s violently struggling body. The sexual energy enthusiastically exchanged by these truly exceptional studboys is muscle bondage wrestling fantasy in its consummate video form.
"THREE FACES OF PAIN" transports you through Tim Hamilton`s salaciously sexual camera lens so close to the smell of muscle sweat, and the tightly bound bodies of action studboys Aaron Austin, Robbie Cryston, and Jimmy Dean as to experience Challenger Video`s vision of virtual reality. Get a firm grip on your cock, your other hand`s fingers on your DVD`s slo-mo and stop-action buttons, and hang on for what industry insiders call a roller coaster ride through a bound and bullied bondage fantasy that will leave you happily spent for having spent $49 bucks so wisely. Stacks of "THREE FACES OF PAIN" sit smokin` and throbbin` in Can-Am`s shipping department waiting for you to give your dick something to shoot about.

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