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CAST: Cody Cummings, Niko Knight

DIRECTOR: Jobe Zander

RELEASE DATE: 5/10/2016

Ever see a big, a really big guy, and just wonder what it would be like to wrestle him? You`re out and the gym, the beach, or on a bus...and that big guy appears. Man, he`s big. Shoulders, arms, thick neck. You start to undress him with your eyes, imagine that long torso exposed, those expressive bare feet, those arms unhindered, surrounding you in a powerful grip. You wonder if he`s hairy or not. Wonder if he`s as strong as he looks. Then, he smiles, winks...challenges you to find out how you measure up. Suddenly you`re both in a killer pair of speedos, circling each other on the glossy black mat. You shrug. Hey, the bigger they are, they harder they fall, right?

At 5`9" and 170 lbs, Cody Cummings is no slouch. Just looking at him by himself, he looks huge. For his size, this man his ALL man. We`re talking pecs for days, rippling back muscles, thigh muscles that seem to shine in the light. Shaggier, scruffier, cooler, he is a golden-skinned, dark-haired, dead serious wrestler in a silver speedo, and he looks huge...until Niko Knight enters.

Niko Knight is an out of this world full package deal. Not only is he a beast standing a towering 6`3" and weighing in at 227 lbs, but he`s got the face of total youth, all swagger and bravado and a cocky smile. Sleek black speedos barely contain this dude`s bone-crushing thighs. Clean-cut and cute, this tattooed giant boasts a set of pecs you`ll want to squeeze, and a long, well-defined abdomen you`ll want to straddle the instant you see him stretch.

These guys lock up with almost no banter at all. We actually see both guys struggle of the first throw, grunting and complimenting each others strong legs, Cummings gains the first painful hold, wrenching the giant`s arm behind his back so hard you`ll feel the strain in your own shoulder! Cummings starts to sweat down his superior back.

"I can`t feel my wrist!" the bigger guy moans, sounding less like a giant and more like a bully learning his lesson.

Cummings is relentless, twisting and wrenching until his bigger opponent is almost beyond words, his face twisted in a grimace of total agony and defeat! Cummings appears to pop a boner while administering this agonizing first hold. This is when every average-height guy`s fantasy comes to sizzling life! Imagine watching that big guy collapse onto the mat, your bitch. When Knight finally collapses onto the mat, practically sobbing in pain, Cummings looks infinitely taller, lording his victory over the bigger guy, as he moves on to the next punishing hold.

Camel clutches, nelsons, sleepers, figure fours. Fists in backs, feet locked expertly, and victors literally standing on sweaty, defeated victims...these are the fantasies that come alive in this quiet, punishing shoot. You`d never have guessed a big guy could be made to sound so much like a bitch.

Live the fantasy of wrestling and dominating a big guy, with The Bigger They Are...3!

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