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CAST: Aryx Quinn, Drake Davenport, Michael Vineland,


RELEASE DATE: 6/24/2010

Heads up and order up #4 of Boss Sexton's super series "The Arena". FYI muscle stud Aryx Quinn has been hanging around the Can-Am gym and studios trying to catch the eye and impress Boss Sexton to make him a Can-Am exclusive like Drake Davenport and Michael Vineland. You have to wonder if Aryx actually likes and respects the two exclusives, or is he faking his respect as part of a revenge plot against them for what they did to his buddy Rio Garza in "The Arena 3". What Quinn doesn't know is just how much he'll have to suffer yet to be a Boss Sexton exclusive.. So let the suffering begin. "Arena 4" begins with Quinn buttering up Davenport in the Can-Am gym. Boss Sexton's dramatically sexy lighting designed especially for The Arena series shows off Davenport, Vineland, and Quinn to their muscle popping max. Humbling himself to Davenport, Quinn says "I'm from a tiny, provincial, narrow minded wrestling federation back east". Humble? Aryx Quinn? Will Davenport and Vineland fall for it? ACTION: Quinn and Davenport, strip down, oil up, and get cozy. You'll like watching Quinn the snake seduce Davenport the exclusive. Their sizzling mat action pays dividends to your fantasies with each man sucking off and fucking the other. So your favorite muscle boy takes it up the ass. Quinn now cleverly sucks big bulging Michael Vineland into his scheme as Arena 4's second segment explodes into mutual body demolition. Watch and enjoy Aryx's balls get repeatedly battered and bashed. Then big Michael suffers spectacularly until he is smothered out cold by the calculating Mr Quinn. Quinn squirts his victory load onto Vineland's chest....who recovers and reverse smothers Quinn into unconsciousness, fucks his face, then fucks Quinn's tight beautiful ass. Being brutally violated and gasping for air, Quinn grunts..."Who are you to fuck me like this?" Vineland answers by ratcheting up his assault on Quinn's seldom-fucked mercy-begging hole. Do you think Boss Sexton was watching any of this? Do you think Aryx Quinn has earned Can-Am exclusivity? Or would you bet that Boss Sexton has a lot more suffering in mind for Aryx Quinn? Will there be a part 5 to The Arena series to answer your questions and make peace with your dick? Oh yes. Boss Sexton's not thru will you either.

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