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CAST: Rusty Stevens ,Brian Bodine, Aryx Quinn

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 2/18/2010

It had to happen... we`ve all been wishing for it to happen... the ego collision between Boss Sexton and the East Coast Attitude kid Aryx Quinn. We all know Boss Sexton always gets what he wants. And in this case Mr Quinn. So he cast his web... for Quinn to come to L.A. for BIG bucks and all expenses paid and stardom. Boss Sexton knew Quinn simply could not resist.

Not expecting Quinn to actually show up, Boss Sexton arranged for Stevens to fight the bodybeautiful Brian Bodine in a “loser gets fucked” match. Shoot day arrives and no Aryx Quinn to be found so the production team move forward on the Stevens / Bodine match. This match turned out to be a stunner! Brian Bodine might not be the skilled wrestler he thinks he is… but damn he suffers fantastically. Stevens works him over GOOD, then makes him suck dick before fucking him even better. Once Stevens has finished off Bodine he makes his way to the showers… but waiting behind the studio door is none other than Aryx Quinn. His flight was delayed but he was not going to miss his chance to beat up on Can-Am`s best. Heated words are exchanged… and a new time the following day is set for their fight. But Aryx is already in the “mood” for a match and decides to continue working over Bodine who was just beaten and fucked by Stevens. What we end up with is another HOT beating at the hands of Quinn who puts Bodine in one humiliating excruciating hold after another. Bodine does manage to rally – but that only pisses Quinn off who finally extracts a blowjob from Bodine as his punishment for losing.

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