Surfed & Destroyed 1


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CAST: Jimmy Jacobs, Jeremy Prophet

DIRECTOR: Cameron Matthews

RELEASE DATE: 11/2/2017

Handsome pro hunk Jeremy Prophet is a smiling stud in green speedos, boots, and knee pads, and he’s easily amused by Jimmy Jacobs’ trademark trashtalk and attitude. But Prophet isn’t here to talk...he’s here to kick some bitch ass...and Jacobs is the bitch.

Fingers lock, chests grind, fighters are driven into the ropes...heads plow into balls! It’s gonna be a fracas, as Jacobs drives the bigger man to his knees, choking him with his own arms and biting his ear like a maniac.

“Expect the unexpected, fucker!” roars Jacobs...and that’s only in the first three minutes! Pain, and pain, and more pain on display in this athletic rumpus of brutality, rage, and ego.

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