Surfboards, Bearhugs and Backbreakers


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CAST: Jeremy Prophet, Will Ferrara

DIRECTOR: Cameron Matthews

RELEASE DATE: 10/3/2018

Two muscle men face off in the Adrenaline Ring, all smooth muscles, massive thighs, and beefcake torsos. We’re talking about a pro donnybrook, with knee pads and glossy boots. These pros talk and trash talk like combative brothers in this brutal battle of crushing grips, squeezes, and agonizing bearhugs that will leave you breathless. Prophet and Ferrara squeeze each other so hard, they tumple to the mat, roll, and get back up again, without ever letting go, their trash talking interrupted by strangled screams and gags as their hard-bodied frames are squeezed even harder.

Powerful men are raised into the air in artful surfboards, like flawless sculptures of beauty and pain. Jaws and mouths are pressed downward in humiliating attitudes of dominance as again and again these grunting goliaths are muscled into agonizing backbreakers. It’s Hercules vs. Sampson...but which burly brawler with be victorious?e way.

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