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CAST: Travis, Ray, Chris, Marco,


RELEASE DATE: 5/12/2004

Boss Sexton has a special treat for you here - the most erotically charged SuperMatches yet! Sure, all of our SuperMatches are erotically charged. How can they not be when two men in their muscular prime, battle for supremacy of the ring in skintight lycra and bare-assed glory? Usually, switching into the slippery confines of the notorious Can-Am oil pit is more than enough to launch a thousand fingers into pause and rewind mode until we all feel, umm...satisfied. But this time, satisfaction is not nearly enough. We want you spent! So this time the oil pit truly means no holds barred - especially when there are some hot cocks ripe for the holding. In match one, the feisty Marco is back and wants Chris’s Can-Am debut to be an extra special thumping. He shows the newcomer that a Can-Am SuperMatch is no walk in the park. Chris is stretched, prodded, poked, punched, and twisted to his physical limits. Marco does some fine suffering, too, as Chris learns his way around the ring. But in the oil pit, those slippery wrestling submissions turn into a dick groping submission to pleasure. The two thoroughly explore each other’s bodies before getting off on each other’s pumping cocks. In SuperMatch 22, super sexy bad-boy Travis is back in action. We pitted him against the Can-Am debut of the ultra limber, six-packed and sultry, Ray. Travis has proven himself a tough wrestler, but Ray is clearly a street savvy punk who won’t give up easily. So Travis has to dial it up a notch and give extra punishment to Ray’s balls and nipples and show the newbie who’s boss. When they hit the oil, the action gets truly hot as they stroke each other’s cocks in hold after sensual hold. Eventually, all that rubbing leads to two raging hardons and two spent loads...and your money well spent!

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