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CAST: Dolph, Brody,


RELEASE DATE: 9/18/2001

During our last Canadian talent scouting trip we came across an incredible specimen of Russian bodybuilding greatness. Known only as “Dolph,” we are sure you can see why Boss Sexton said: “I don’t care what it takes - get him signed up!” So here for all your personal pleasure is his Can-Am debut against fan favorite muscleboy Brody, in SuperMatch Thirteen. Dolph clearly takes naturally to the Can-Am stage, immediately taunting Brody and questioning both his ability and his masculinity. No shrinking violet himself, Brody returns the verbal volleys and comes out swinging for round one. Dolph clearly has size and strength on his side, but Brody has speed and agility. Plus Brody has been here before, learning a few nasty tricks from Dirty Doug Brandon. He knows there’s nothing like a tight, twisting ball grab to bring down the mightiest of men. Three long rounds in the ring bring you painful submission after painful submission, with Nelsons, stretches, chokes, and scissors peppered with plenty of nipple twisting, ass slapping, nut busting action. But strength wins the day, and Brody becomes a humpy plaything as Dolph takes the ring and drags him to the oil pit. There, he toys with the now winded Brody, firmly establishing himself as a new Can-Am champ. And with one final bruising submission he demands his prize - Brody’s worship of his huge oiled muscles. From the hardness of their dicks, and the furor of their jack-offs, we think they both got what they wanted. So will you!

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