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CAST: Doug Brandon, Paul Perris,


RELEASE DATE: 8/19/2009


Well, we almost had to pry this one out of Boss Sexton`s hands. And after watching the match-up of "Dirty Doug" Brandon and kick boxer Paul Perris, we think you`ll understand why he wanted to keep this one all to himself! Those of you who have followed Doug`s career will appreciate this snapshot of his body in peak form. In fact, it`s that form that sets off the fight between these two. Working out together, Paul tells Doug that speed and flexibility are far more important than bulk. Doug`s response: "If I get a hold of you, I`ll pull you apart!" So the stage is set for the showdown of speed vs. strength. And early in the first round, it looks like Paul may be right, deftly taking Doug to the mat with his amazing legs. From there he wraps Doug up, taking every opportunity to beat his chest and thighs, eventually taking the round with an arm-breaking stretch. For round two, the boys get serious, stripping off their workout gear to reveal their skimpy slingshot suits. After breaking from a painful surfboard, it looks like Doug will gain the advantage. He even whips and chokes Paul with his belt. But Paul`s speed serves him well, and he twists Doug into an over the head arm stretch to take round two. At 2-0, you might think Paul is the one to tame the Brandon beast - but they don`t call him "Dirty Doug" for nothing. With relentless ab punches, cheap grabs and nipple twists, he takes the speed out of Paul to command round three. After dumping Paul into the oil pit, the action gets even dirtier as Doug not only pounds Paul`s abs - he bites them! Paul just can`t get an edge as Doug pulls his hair and uses every dirty trick he has to keep Paul off balance. Taking the fourth round, the two are now tied. But Paul is a kick boxing pro and those legs are lethal. In round five, he uses them to put Doug into one of the sexiest head scissors we have ever seen. For a good long time you get to see Doug suffer at the mercy of Paul`s rippling and flexing musculature. Taking the round, you would think Paul won the match. But nothing is ever certain with "Dirty Doug". Watch and find out!

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