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CAST: Cody Brandon, John Thor,


RELEASE DATE: 9/22/2009

John Thor thought his brawn was enough to win any match, and Cody Brandon wanted a bad-boy rep to match his brother, Dirty Doug. So Emperor Sexton decreed this match as a test. Cody explodes with energy in round one, surprising John over and over with choke holds, nelsons, and arm breakers. John gets just a few chances to flex his muscles and momentarily gains the upper hand (or foot) with a leg stretch leveraged by a ball crushing heel. But Cody is just too fast, and helicopters big John into the mat to take the round.

For round two, the emperor wants new clothes and the boys are clad in skimpy bikinis. These prove perfect as the two take turns trying to cause the most pain with ass-flossing, ball-crushing, seam-stressing pulls. John manages to get Cody in a corner for a pounding and then mauls him from one end of the ring to the other. But a new burst of energy from Cody reverses the situation, and John is hanging like a rag doll on the ropes. Cody pummels his chest, twists his nipples, and tortures his nuts. But just when you think Cody is going to take the round with a camel clutch, John manages to break free and rally. Stunning Cody with a cheap-shot, he locks up a submission to stay in the running.

In round three, Cody breaks a feat of strength with a knee to the chest and a body slam to the mat. With John`s head firmly locked between his meaty thighs, Cody takes his time tormenting John`s muscles. After stretching that big body out, he pins him for the win. Moving into the oil, Cody strips and slaps John`s bubble butt with his oil soaked bikini. While John manages a few moves that leave Cody`s big uncut dick swinging in the wind, Cody has cardiovascular superiority here. Cody camel clutches him again, slaps his ass, and shouts "ride `em cowboy!" to take the round. Cody is willing to stop the humiliation here, but John must want more because he almost begs for a fifth round. Lucky for us, Cody is game, and we promise an explosive finish featuring a jack-off duel! All hail Boss Sexton for releasing this classic!

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