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CAST: Shy, Christopher, Brody, Mason, The Executive,


RELEASE DATE: 4/22/2002

Description of Suits to Nuts 1: It’s every star’s nightmare...someone younger and studlier comes along and grabs the producer’s attention. In Suits to Nuts, veteran Canadian fantasy strip star Brody comes face to face with the reality of the business - the handsome new stud-on-the-block, Mason. Arriving on the set, Brody is pissed at the producer for not only paying more attention to Mason, but for paying him the same fee! Asserting his star status, Brody starts a shoving match, and the producer tells them to settle it in the ring. Not even bothering to take off their business meeting best, the two get into a rip ‘n strip rumble. Every stitch and seam is fair game as they tear through the suits, using the resulting shreds to bind and choke each other. Brody may be the more experienced wrestler, but Mason’s got young, raw power on his side. These two hold nothing back because this is much more than a wrestling match - it’s a battle for stardom and pride. And battles of pride end up being dirty and mean, and this is no exception. Brody brings nut grabbing, nipple twisting, hair pulling, and choking to new heights. For his part, Mason wastes no time in taking a big bite out of Brody’s upturned ass. Mason pays for that when Brody ties him up like a bow and arrow and bounces him around the ring. But beauty and youth still end up taking the ring match as Mason submits Brody. With even more to prove, Brody demands that they continue the battle in the oil pit. Mason’s never experienced the slip and slide challenge of the Can-Am oil pit, and here Brody takes control, subjecting Mason to more than the usual submission holds. Now truly down to the nuts, Brody gets extra nasty and even uses Mason’s ears and nostrils for extra muscle straining leverage. Will Mason’s youthful energy save him? Or is Brody truly the star? No matter which way it goes, you still get treated to double cum shots! Suited up or stripped down - order up!

Description of Suits to Nuts 2: Your overwhelming response to Suits to Nuts 1 made it pretty clear: you wanted more down and dirty, rip and strip business suit wrestling action! And making their Can-Am debuts are Montreal pretty boy Christopher, and Internet model extraordinaire, Shy. You regular fans of the live streaming video feeds on our web site will recognize Shy as one of the most popular models on the net. Boss Sexton had been angling to get him in a video for quite some time, and when shown a picture of Christopher, Shy finally leaped at the chance. Can you blame him? Christopher’s smoldering eyes and taut body were just too good to pass up. The action starts immediately, as they burst through our door and right into the ring. Christopher wants to be alpha dog at Can-Am and has something to prove. Shy is taken by surprise and spends most of round one being tossed around like a rag doll. Christopher relentlessly pummels him, bending Shy’s body like a pretzel, and using the clothes to helplessly wrap him up. Shy manages to rip a few holes in Christopher’s clothes, and Christopher really makes him pay. We give points to Shy for surviving the round and still standing up for round two. Christopher is totally cocky at this point, so Shy actually manages to get a few moves in and starts to fight dirty. But two can play at that game, and Christopher turns up the pain for round three. Defeating Shy once and for all, he hog-ties him and starts to leave. Shy pleads with him, promising, “I’ll do anything, if you let me go!” Christopher’s dick surely twitched at that, so he leads Shy to the oil pit for some more action. After a little massage, Shy goes for Christopher’s dick, but Christopher makes him work for it with another round of wrestling. Winning again, Christopher presents his dick, and Shy happily sucks him dry, before enjoying his own explosion. Rip it up!

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